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NOTE: Windows and LCB v.1.2 (2001-2005):  If QuickTime 6 is not already installed on your computer, you must first install it by clicking on QuickTimeFullInstaller. Then install La chaise berçante by clicking on Setup

1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements:
Windows 95 or higher, 200 MHz, 64MB RAM, 8X CD-ROM

2. You need to insert the CD in the CD drive and leave it in while using the program.

3. Close any open windows or programs before starting La chaise berçante.

4. Let the CD drive "settle" before clicking on anything.

5. La chaise berçante does not auto-install. You need to install it the first time you use it. Windows: click on My Computer, then on the CD icon. Next, click on La chaise bercante.exe and follow on-screen instructions.

6. Be patient during the initial loading screen.

7. La chaise berçante (LCB) requires that QuickTime be installed. LCB has an installer which looks for QuickTime and if it finds ANY version of QuickTime on your local hard drive, it will not install again. However you do need to have at least QuickTime v.4.1. Error messages or poor audio quality may result from the fact that you do not have QuickTime installed (or that you have an older version of QuickTime). There are a couple of ways to deal with this. You could delete the version of QuickTime that is on your computer and let LCB install its QuickTime (see the Installers folder), or you could download the latest version of QuickTime from their site Some computers have a problem with QuickTime - for example, Windows ME is not as compatible with QuickTime as other Windows versions.

8. LCB was designed for 800x600 resolution. On some monitors, the top Windows toolbar gets cut off; if that is your case, you can try adjusting the display setting (on PC, Control panel/Display/Settings). Even if you can't see the Windows toolbar, you should be able to exit using the LCB bottom menu bar/Sortir.

9. If you have problems installing, it is always a good idea to uninstall the software (Windows: Start/Programs/La chaise berçante/Remove La chaise berçante), restart your computer, then reinstall, just in case something odd happened the first time you installed.

10. If none of the above helps, it is a good test to try the CD on a different computer to see if it performs on that computer. This would indicate that there is something in your computer's configuration that is preventing LCB from installing.

11. Once LCB is launched, avoid unnecessary clicks.

12. To open a new section of the program, just make another menu selection. This will automatically close the page currently open.

13. If, during a video, a message appears saying you require Indeo Video, just ignore it.

14. There is also a Readme file on the CD that you should be able to access.

15. Information on typing French accents is located in the Readme file and in the program itself (top menu bar, under Aide).

16. If none of the above is helpful, write us at and describe the problem and tell us what operating system you are using (Windows, Mac, and what version, such as Win98 etc.).

Last updated: 12/08/2019
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