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Technology-Enhanced Language Learning
Apprentissage des langues assisté par ordinateur

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Earlier Work:

CLEF: used in over 200 academic institutions throughout Canada, the US and the UK.

* "A delightful surprise. CLEF dares to be different by making better use of the computer’s graphics capabilities."
PC Magazine, April 1987.

* "De nombreuses années d’utilisation de CLEF dans nos cours de français confirment la pertinence et l’utilité de ce programme." - Prof. Charles Elkabas, University of Toronto (Erindale campus), 1997.

"PROMPT is a state of the art authoring system, and it has set the standard for any which follow." CALICO Journal, 1987.

Word Patterns: "an absorbing game. The program has the facility to recognize close guesses; so versatile that instructors can use it at any level for a wide variety of teaching needs." PC Magazine, April 1989.


* Published by PICS (The Project for International Communication Studies), University of Iowa. 1992.

* "Best-case use" of technology in education. Technologies and Lifelong Learning (report to Govt. of Canada) 1992.

* Listed in the International Encyclopedia of Education, 1994.

* Mentioned in feature article, "Language Training and Technologies", The Training Technology Monitor, 1994.

* "Vidéodisque de qualité" - Prof. Jocelyne Bisaillon, Université Laval, Québec Science, 1994.

* Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council awarded a grant to the University of Ottawa to conduct a two-year study, based on Vi-conte, into effective language learning strategies and multimedia, 1995.

* "Another very positive feature of the program is the way in which it presents feedback....can lead to better internal control of material." - Erin Joyce, Pennsylvania State University, in Northeast Conference Newsletter, 1996.

* "Vi-conte est le seul matériel [multimédia et ancré dans la culture québécoise] conçu pour le niveau élémentaire en FL2 au Canada." - Prof. Lise Duquette, Université d’Ottawa, 1998.